Year in Review 2021

For so many reasons 2021 has been a massive year for regional real estate. From a property management perspective, the team have been working hard accommodating the new residential tenancy legislative requirements and minimum standards as well as keeping up with huge rental demand from prospective renters. The importance of having a first call property management team at your disposal as a owner has never been more acute. Luckily our team is the best in the biz.

Despite the upheaval caused by the changes to the Act, there has been a silver lining for rental providers as many properties are enjoying good growth in weekly rental driven by the massive demand for properties in Regional Victoria from people looking for a tree change. Rates of return  are very promising and we are expecting to see continued rental demand throughout the start of 2022. As always we encourage you to speak with us if you ever which to discuss where your property sits in the current market. We welcomed many new clients this year who understand the benefits of investing in real estate in our regional cities.

For our team and clients we were excited to announce that we have acquired a new business in the great city of Bendigo. Bendigo Ballarat Real Estate is a wonderful addition to our organisation where we took over the reins from what was previously Mawby Property. The full team at Bendigo have become key players in the wider family and complement the rest of our property management department perfectly. It really is a natural fit. Of course for our clients this means we have the best independent office coverage across Central & Western Victoria with offices in Ballarat, Bendigo, Maryborough and Ararat. Through our wide office network we are able to tap into more renters that move between the cities and hence be more selective with renters. If we currently manage a property for you in one city and you have another in one of the other cities where we have an office, please speak with our team to consolidate your portfolio.

This year we launched our exciting new brand into the Bendigo market when we took over the reins at our new office. Designed by specialist real estate graphic designers and providing a fresh and clean presence you will see the new branding popping up at our other office in Ballarat, Maryborough and Ararat in the new year. Stylish new boards and an online design that sets us apart will further enhance our already strong brand recognition in each of the market places in which we operate. The response from clients in Bendigo has been very encouraging so we hope you like it too.

The year ahead will be an exciting one as we further enhance our technology offerings to our clients and leverage the strong renter demand to boost yields. As always our goal in property management is to maximise your income, minimise your expenditure and focus on capital growth. One of the key advantages of dealing with our organisation is that you can contact management at any time to discuss your portfolio. My direct phone number is 0438 508 855. I welcome your call.

On behalf of all the team we wish you a successful 2022!

Allister Morrison

B,com, B.bus (Property), GAPI, Licensed Estate Agent